Beef Jerky

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Jerky, a nutrient dense, high protein, low carb dried meat, is any type of meat that’s been cured in a salt solution, reducing its moisture content to less than 50%. With archaeological evidence showing its been around since the time of the Egyptians, the word jerky is derived from the term ch’arki (or charqui) meaning ‘to burn meat’. An indigenous South American tribe, the Quechua, first began using the sun, wind and smoke from fires to preserve the meat of alpaca and llama sometime around 1550. Jerky has long been a favorite snack in Canada but with public scrutiny into food safety at an all-time high, we’ve seen an increase in demand for not only our high quality commercial dehydrators but the relevant food safety information as well. People are concerned with food safety surrounding the sourcing, production and storage of jerky. With this in mind, the first thing a potential commercial producer should do is become familiar with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's guidelines. Although healthy and delicious to eat, jerky production is overseen by some pretty strict laws. And rightly so. Turning fresh meat into a preserved meat product is serious business right from the start.