Sean Mclellan

His outstanding knowledge of the ins and out of the dehydrators has helped push for the innovation and improvements to the machines that our customers love. He considers himself a bit of a Bond character, spending late nights at the baccarat table sipping on martinis cracking jokes to random strangers. His pass time passion is smoking and dehydrating meats for poker nights and friends parties.

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Dried fruits food safety

Preserving food when plentiful, to prepare for leaner times, is an ancient practice. There’s evidence cultures in the Middle East and China were using the sun and wind to preserve food such as fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, as far back as 12,000 years ago. 

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Biltong food safety

Ensuring your biltong is safe and meets all legal requirements For Australian Standards.

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Customer Hero | Triumphant Mercy - Lebanon

It is great to be a part of solutions and even more so when those solutions are selfless, amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping others with little or no reward.

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